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“The Villg” is a platform for the artisans, aiming to flourish the Culture of Indian heritage by selling Handicrafts from various regions of India via E-commerce.


We work on a cooperative business model wherein “The Villg” is helping by providing a brand, training, platforms, assuring of quality, etc.

Herewith, “The Villg” also ensures that the artisans and the customers are the real beneficiaries.

The aim of “The Villg” is to promote the hard work of artisans by providing them a platform for their sales. Our vision is to become a recognized and respected brand for ancestral handicrafts. 


What's There For You?


We are happy to introduce to you our partnership programme because as rightly said by Barbara Mikulski.

                                           “ Each one can make a difference, 

                                              Together we can make a change.”


Sellers or Distributors - you can approach us for:

  • All kinds of bulk purchase and sales

  • Special margins

Volunteers - will be expected to generate sales for which you will be rewarded with a percentage of the sales fulfilled and will also get an opportunity to attend the special training programs where you can come along with us for On-Field Research and explore about the ancestral arts.

Artisans/Producers/NGO -  you can collaborate with us and get your products listed on our website and also get a chance for enriching yourself with Training Programmes which are specially designed for you by "The Villg."

Influencers - If you have a wide network and have an influence over a large audience let's get connected and for any sale generated by your audience you will have the opportunity to earn monetary rewards.

Campus ambassadors - we provide an amazing opportunity for students to get internship offers, rewards for best performers, cash rewards if any sales generated by you and even a job offer for astounding performers.



To be a part of this initiative and start your journey with us, you need to accept and sign a Partnership Agreement with us. Please fill the given form with your details. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Let's come together!


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